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Fall 2007 to Spring 2008

Concentrate on sailing betterments and more convenience features.

1.    Buy and install a rigid boom vang.

2.    >>Control said vang from the helm station.  The control line from the vang enters the mast just above the mast collar, turns through a turning block just above the mast step and exits the mast, then goes through a PVC tube under the cabin sole to a bullet block on the floor of the chamber under the cockpit.  The line then goes straight up through the cockpit floor and through a long teak wood block (equal to height of companionway sill), and finally through a rope clutch next to the helmsman’s left knee.



3.    >>Control the outhaul just the same way as the boom vang.  The outhaul line exits the forward end of the boom and enters the mast just under the gooseneck.  The rest is just the same as the vang control, but ending at a rope clutch by the helmsman’s right knee.
Now all sail controls except halyard tensioning are at the helmsman’s fingertips.  The traveler controls are inboard, the mainsheet is just forward of the steering pedestal, the quite-powerful secondary winches are comfortably accessible.  Radar and chart plotter are easily visible from the helm.  All this makes for easy single-handing and very easy double-handing since the primary winches and all these same controls are just as easily reached by anyone sitting forward of the helm.

4.    Replaced the primary jib halyard winch with a brake winch, thus necessitating replacement of the wire-to-rope halyard with all wire.  I know this sounds retro but the logic for me is sound. These winches make it very easy to loosen or tighten luff tension, and with roller furling the jib stays there for the most part all season.  Brake winches are safe as long as you don’t you don’t use them to hall someone up the mast with them, which may allow runaway spinning handles.

5.    Made a toilet paper dispenser.  Hey, this is a big deal!  There just isn’t enough room for a conventional dispenser in the head (where the shower is going to spray water all over) or on the backs of the two access doors.  The TP can be tossed into the v-berth along with the towels when the shower is used.


6.    A new main.  Loose-foot, full battens, large roach, and tri-radial cut.  Very sweet.


7.    Made a cockpit table.



Table stored under cockpit floor


8.    Refinished and provided mounts for pedestal-hung glass holder.

9.    Add 8-inch cleats to midship deck on both sides.

10.    Made a sight glass for the water tank so that the settee doesn’t have to be torn apart to check water level.