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Fall 2006 to Spring 2007

With renovations this far along it’s time to focus on the tweaks that make sailing and life aboard more to our liking.  I’m skipping a lot of the minor fixes and refinishing now.

1.    Move the stanchions nearest the winch islands to positions further forward. Earlier, when the winches were moved and leveled the primaries could only be operated with 8-inch winch handles because the stanchions were in the way.  Three things were gained here: 1. 10-inch handles can now be used. 2. Two gates on each side allow for easier boat access.  3. The rather useless lower lifelines from bulkhead to stern rail are removed, making winch operation easier.

2.    Add 8-inch cleats to the pads where the stanchions used to be.
3.    Modify lifelines to create gates. 


4.    Replace anchor light with light-sensing unit. (Paint top of lens white to protect electronics from midday sun.)

5.    Install inverter for limited AC availability.


6.    Repair slight keel damage from grounding.

7.    >>Add a hot-water tank and heat exchanger.  (See Hot water On the Cheap.)  This really works great!


8.    Make a helm seat at Joyce’s insistence. Actually it works well.




9.    Add a pig stick and burgee at the masthead.  (No small task given the necessary rearrangement of the wind instruments and VHF antenna.)


10.    Re-glass the area around and under the mast step.  The shoe under the mast pulled up during mast unstepping and ripped up some fiberglass with it.  I got lucky here in that the plywood padding underneath was still solid.  On many T30s these pads have turned to pulp, making for a nasty and difficult repair.

11.    Plumb in a rinse-hose faucet at the transom.