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New Life For An Atomic 4 (2)




According to a spec sheet I have, the A4 weighs 310 pounds.  After removing the oil, coolant, manifold, alternator, starter, carburetor and fuel pump it got down to about 255 pounds.  I was able to lift the motor off its bed and move it to the back of the cabin by myself using a length of two-by-four levered on the settee so that I could walk it back.  Using a block and tackle attached to a beam blocked over the companionway I lifted the motor up to where it was about level with a sheet of plywood bridging the cockpit seats.

I conned three neighbors into hefting the A4 over to the top of a ladder, on which was a sliding cradle that I made.  The A4 slid down without a problem and we lifted it onto the base of a pressure washer cart from which the motor and pump had been removed following a catastrophic failure of the pump. 




The mess from cutting the manifold into 3 parts.

Note the corroded oil filter assembly from exhaust exposure. (upper right)

Oil from tattered oil seal on accessory drive. (lower left)

The rest is my sloppy work.

We wheeled the A4 into my shop and with the aid of the block and tackle hoisted it up onto a workbench.  Kind of pathetic looking, isn’t it?