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Here, by year and in rough order, are all of the things I did during the renovation. I ended up with this
list as a result of checking off my lengthy to-do lists for each off-season. Believe it or not I did sail the boat each summer, although with later launches and earlier hauls than I normally would have liked.
While the boat was in the water I did not work on it; I just went sailing.

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>> Indicates a nifty new feature, something that adds or improves utility, not just a new or refurbished item.

AYACUCHO PROJECTS June 01 to July 02
Main Objectives: Structural fixes, engine and wiring, cabin top, windows and deck


1. Sanded the transom and spray-painted it with Imron. Applied the new name, Ayacucho, on it with vinyl stick-on graphics created by a sign company.



2. Replaced the starboard main bulkhead and repositioned the chain plates on it slightly lower to allow space under the deck. The old bulkhead had rotted through and split apart athwart ship, causing the deck to bulge upward.

3. Replaced the fuel tank, which had corroded through from the same trapped moisture that rotted the bulkhead, and replaced all hoses except the upper vent hose. Added vents to the fuel tank compartment for air circulation. Replaced the fuel deck fill.


4. Removed all deck and cockpit hardware except the stanchion bases and toe rails. Removed the throttle/shift levers and shore-power socket. Filled all small holes and glassed over all larger holes.

5. Removed 6 gauges (wind, speed, depth etc) from the bulkhead and glassed and filled the holes.




6. Repaired the rotted and bulged section of deck around the starboard chain plates. Made the repaired section solid FRP with no wood core.


7. Opened and dried the core of a deck section at the bow, epoxy filled, fared and glassed over.

8. Opened, dried, fiberglassed, and fared the deck at the pulpit mounting locations on the foredeck.


9. Adjusted the valve lash in the engine to get rid of a tapping noise.

10. Made new lazerette hatches out of teak.


11. >> Made new interior companionway bulkhead panels with shelves and cupboards for instrument access, lotion storage, wiring access, and radio mounting.




12. Refinished about 20 interior wood items (6 coats of varnish on top of 1 coat of tung oil).

13. >> Made a new engine instrument panel with flush-mounted GPS. The panel includes nav light and blower switches, voltmeter and ammeter, choke and ignition.



14. Replaced the outhaul lines and blocks in the boom, added a new exit plate. Relocated the vang bail further forward.

15. >> Machined and hand-shaped new aluminum bow chocks and quarter chocks. The quarter chocks have built-in U-bolts to anchor spinnaker sheet blocks. Cut out toe-rail sections to accommodate the chocks.



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