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4.   Made cabinets for stereo speakers that mount in the back of the quarterberth area. 


5. >> Made deep shelves and built them into the aft walls of the q-berths.  These are good for storing bedding and bulky clothes etc.  


6.   Made teak trim pieces to finish off the new q-berth cabinets made last year.


7.   Adjusted the position of the head door jam after losing balance on a steep port heel and pushed the door past the jam. Varnished the jam.

8.   Hinged the new icebox lids. Insulated the lids with leftover engine box insulation. A phenomenal improvement for making ice last!


9.   Replaced the radio/CD player. The previous one had black buttons on a black case. Not good for aging eyes, so the new one has blue on white.

10.   Finished laminating and trim work on the new seat in the galley.


11.   Rewired the pedestal compass light; discovered a short circuit that plagued the running light circuit from two years earlier.

12.   Installed a horn button on the pedestal, wired it to a relay in the battery box. Power goes directly from the battery to the horn via the relay. (The shield covering the switch mechanism under the horn button is an aspirin bottle.)


13.   Upgraded the wire that powers the engine instrument panel from 14 to 12 gauge.

14.   Replaced the thermostat housing on the engine. 


15.   Replaced the fixed main jet on the carburetor with an adjustable one.

16.   Repaired, revarnished and reinstalled the binocular box.  (Another 3M-5200 casualty)  


17.   Finished all the interior grab rails with new bungs and a couple more coats of varnish.

18.   Replaced a leaky fitting on the propane regulator and improved its installation under the traveler.