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Ayacucho is a 1973 Tartan 30 sailboat that my wife Joyce and I purchased in 2001. This site tells of the
substantial number of repairs, updates and modifications performed to bring the boat back to the proud
state she is in today. I got a bit carried away with the scope of work as I wanted more and more to make
this the best Tartan 30 that it could be.

- Jeff Stoehr


Since visitors will have different levels of interest ranging from wanting a basic understanding of the project to having keen interest in all the details, this guide will help determine what may be of interest and how to quickly
get to it.

PROJECTS ACCOMPLISHED - A comprehensive list of pretty much everything that was done in the course of the renovation. Since there were so many things each listing is merely a short statement without any more detail than necessary to allow you to understand what the task was. Where available and appropriate, photos show the projects.  (Recent stuff begins on page 14.)

MAJOR CHALLENGES - How I went about key projects, some of the trouble I got into and how significant issues were solved.  Intended to be light reading and fun.

THE ACCOUNTING - What it all cost and how I rationalized it.

AYACUCHO, THE NAME - What it means, why I chose it, whether it was right.

MUSINGS - Some historical perspective of the boat and stuff I just felt like writing.

This site was designed and produced by Karen Stoehr (my daughter) while she was a Graphic Design student at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York.